To facilitate the creation of artistic interventions done collaboratively (Community-Artists) on Colombian ecosystems, in order to stimulate necessary reflection and dialogue with Nature, that increases the necessary sense of belonging and environmental awareness to protect Colombia’s Biodiversity.


  • Colombia has the highest biodiversity per square kilometer in the World and is one of the richest countries in water resources per capita. The ancestral indigenous knowledge, and the communications they maintain with Nature, is a source of hope for re-estabilising the dialogue with it.
  • The climate has changed dramatically affecting the “stability” of our civilization.  The ‘business as usual’ model (ego-centered paradigm), where the planet is seen as an infinite resource that is there to satisfy our species, should change sooner rather than later. A new eco-centered paradigm where we understand ourselves as part of the Whole, part of Nature, is a must.
  • It is a scientific fact that the trend of weather abnormalities will intensify, and this requires not only a process of change over the structures of society but a mind shift on an emotional level. We must become sensitive and re-calibrate to the actual rhythms of Nature to adapt to the current situation.

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