Studying and observing the Climate Change phenomenon, lead me to conclude that a simple approach to this problem, using traditional linear rational solutions is not sufficient.  To comprehend, understand and adapt to change, its a must to incorporate an artistic perspective, where we can call our creative being, the one that is capable of thinking in a complex  and holistic ways. The dimensions of our challenge overwhelm our rationality and oblige us to encounter solutions on other dimensions.

After theses reflections, I began to explore how to create environmental awareness appealing to emotions rather than rationality. This research was developed under myMA Applied Imagination at College of Art and Design Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. When we as humans begin to establish a relationship with Nature, where one feels part of it, a process of intuitive understanding makes us realize that affecting it is affecting yourself, and a process of transformation detonates. In order to achieve structural behavioural changes this must come from within, and should not be achieved through indoctrination processes where green actions are made in automated and repetitive ways, but without a reflexive process behind. The community from the experiential and imaginative level, is the one that can construct cultural changes that creates a sustainable relation with the ecosystem.

I decided to explore how can community art installations inspired by local ecosystems be a new public policy tool to improve the conservation of the biodiversity of Colombia. The pilot we developed with a collective of artists on September 2011 on Las Delicias stream in the Eastern mountains of Bogotá, Colombia, demonstrated the potential this approach has to protect the mega biodiversity of Colombia.

Santiago Aparicio V, Creative Director of the Project


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